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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Color: How Does it Make You Feel?

These colorful pieces are bright, exciting, and energetic! The orange is stimulating but friendly, it’s a happy color that reminds us of beautiful sunsets. Wonderful accent pieces, the orange pairs wonderfully with all shades of green, the color of the year! I was fortunate to spend a couple of days at the Atlanta Gift and Furniture market last month. If you see anything you love, we can order it for you!

This fun gathering table, rattan counter stools, and light fixture conjure up the feelings of a summer morning, the first cup of coffee as the sun rises! Soothing natural colors and materials make for a cozy relaxing setting.

The composition of this colorful canvas is eye-catching for sure! Beautifully balanced from the geometric background to the curved lines creating layers of depth and motion. This would be a great statement in a neutral setting where you need a central focal point. All the bright colors certainly make this a happy, energetic piece that will bring drama to a room!

What feelings come to you with this artwork? Dramatic, soothing, elegant, stunning? Remember your wall color also! On black, this creates drama and contrast and on a white wall, this would be more soothing and calming.

This mid-century modern room in slate blues and gray is neutral and calming. Pair it with some soft greens as an accent, harmony is achieved! A little silver bling, a little sparkle, with cool blue accents! Blues are calming, peaceful, and make you feel secure! Blues are a favorite for bedrooms! What is your calm relaxing color?

High contract, stimulating, active, dramatic. Throw in any other favorite color as an accent! All these colors are beautiful, but how do you combine them, to make your home “you”? We can help make this happen!

We would love to meet with you and come up with a plan for whatever space you need to refresh! What are your comfort colors? Happy feel-good colors? What colors don’t you want to use?

Let us help personalize your home or office!

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