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Monday, September 20, 2021

Spice Up Your Space This Fall! 

With fall in the air and the weather starting to change, we recognize that our time inside is increasing day by day. Now is an excellent time to add a few small elements to make your home have that warm cozy feeling we all enjoy. Adding new pillows in beautiful fall tones certainly is easy and economical. A pretty warm throw you can grab to wrap up in is another simple way to add texture and color, plus it feels so good. Green plants bring an element of the outside we can enjoy even when we can’t. Baskets in different shapes, colors and textures are easy, economical and in a pinch a quick place to throw clutter when unexpected company rings the door bell. All of these are just a few of the many ways to change a space to one that warms you up and welcomes you in.

Upcoming Fall Festivities

Join us Sunday, October 24TH

We will be hosting an event featuring talented artisans from the surrounding areas. This event will be held at our location at

4333 S 70th St # 9, Lincoln, NE 68516 from 12pm- 4pm.

More details about this event to follow.

Home Sweet Home

Check out a favorite recipe for Sangria from our owner, Vicki! 

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