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Monday, November 15, 2021

November Newsletter - 2021

Ready or Not, the Holidays are Here!

There are a lot of things to think about in the next couple of weeks, family, food, décor, where everyone is staying, etc. We are here to help lower the stress level by giving some helpful tips on table settings. The very first thing you need to think about is what type of style you are wanting to achieve for the holiday.

Do you want a more laid-back style or do you want to try something new and a little bit more upscale? Both styles can be done beautifully with these simple tips.

Formal   vs.   Casual  Table Settings

Casual Floral – Keep floral arrangements low to the table. One example is spreading some leaves around the center of the table. You can add to this by adding fruits that you are going to serve for dining. This can add a little bit of height but not be overpowering for the table.

Formal Floral – Have an arrangement that has some height to it. This could be a floral arrangement that is in a vase or maybe some pumpkins that are different heights in the center. This is the star piece of the table. Make it grand!

Casual Candles – Have a mixture of taller and shorter candles scattered around the table. This gives it a nice warm and inviting environment.

Formal Candles – Have candles on candlestick holders. This helps with giving the table some height and making it feel grand. Make sure to have symmetry on either side of the table.

Casual Plates  – Mix and match the plates that you have. If you have 2 different sets of plates, have the smaller dish of one set on top of the large dish of another. Or you can have all different styles of plates for each seat.

Formal Plates – Have all the same plates with matching silverware. You can have the same napkin either on the plate or on one side of the plate.

Home Sweet Home

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