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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Remodeling? One of the hottest topics since the pandemic hit!

We have all spent more time at home in the last 21 months than ever before! Our needs have changed, due to homeschooling, remote working, fewer activities, and traveling. Are you wondering …Can my home be remodeled to fit our growing changes? How do I even start a remodel project? As Interior Designers who do a lot of remodels, we have access to builders/remodelers that we trust, and you will be happy to have work in your home! We also have subcontractors who do great work and love to work on our projects! If you already have a remodeler, we are happy to work with them also.

How We Work

We will start out by listening to your needs, desires, and dreams. Then we will look at your space now, and figure out a way to make them happen! We guide you every step of the way! From layouts, lighting, and cabinets, to flooring, countertops, furniture, and window treatments. We will help every step of the way. Details are critical and so is ordering early, especially during these times! It’s taking much longer to get building materials, plumbing fixtures, and appliances in than typical! We need these important pieces here and ready for use, before starting most remodels. That way we eliminate a lot of delays.

Good communication and early planning between all of us will make the process flow better and reduce delays!

Finally, please have patience! It will take more time than typical to complete a remodel, due to schedules and availability! But it will be worth it!

Soon you will have a home you will love. and that meets your family’s changing needs!

Call us today to get on our schedule, and you will be one step closer to your dream home!

Designer Spotlight

Carmen Shively

Beauty is in the details, whether its material combinations or lighting! Let us help bring beauty into your home! Cheers to 2022! May it bring you joy and happiness, and may each new day bring you moments to cherish!

Home Sweet Home

Favorite recipes from our designers.

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