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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Fall in Love With Your Space all Over Again this Valentine's Day!

Is that “SPARK” gone? Is that warm and welcoming feeling missing with nothing left but “BLAH”! If so, it’s definitely time for a change. Change can come in any size, large or small, and when done right that “SPARK” is once again glowing and the “BLAH” is gone.

An easy and affordable example is for you to add new hardware to your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. Hardware has changed so much in the last few years and there’s an option for everyone. Styles and finishes are now available to go with plumbing fixture finishes and appliance hardware finishes.

The new colors and trends for cabinetry are meant to work together with all the new hardware colors and finishes. Hardware now is very sculptural and artistic. It’s another form of jewelry that you can dress up or down, whichever is needed. The ideas are endless and Paul Daniels Interiors is here to help.

As seen in the examples you can use the same shape and finish for your cabinetry or mix and match. You can have your hardware blend into the overall scheme or be a sharp contrast.  Whatever your vision is can be achieved with this simple change.

Remember, Paul Daniels Interiors can guide you each step of the way and show you options that will not only ensure you find exactly what you want but fit your budget so that in the end the “SPARK” is glowing and the “BLAH” is gone. It’s now a place that you “LOVE” and enjoy.

Designer Spotlight

In January I was able to visit the southern part of Texas and a little bit of Mexico. It was great to get away and get a new perspective on things.

As a creative person, it is important for us to take a “break” from whatever we are creating. This could be for a couple of hours, days, or weeks. By taking this “break”, it allows a person to be more creative when they come back to whatever they were working on before.

As designers, we are always thinking of what we are working on and how we can improve it, and sometimes we forget about the basics. In a world where gray is as colorful as we get, it is nice to see bright, bold colors being used.

It was a nice reminder that color can add a lot to a space, whether it was a colorful mural at a Mexican restaurant or a sink at a retail store’s bathroom.

This trip also reminded me how to be more innovative. One of the places I visited was building a new structure that used the colorful, Spanish-style plates as accent pieces. Before this trip, I would have never thought about using a plate as an accent feature on a wall.

Now, I look at plates differently. This trip was a reminder to look at something like it was the first time I was seeing it and didn’t know what it was used for.

Home Sweet Home

Favorite recipes from our Designers.

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