Tuesday, July 27, 2021

I recently finished working on an out of town project where the client wanted to remodel their upstairs bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry area to provide each of the three children their own bedrooms, to enlarge the master suite and guest bathroom, as well as to find a space for the laundry area.

Due to scheduling issues, it seemed as though we were never going to be able to move forward on the project. However, by using video calls, emails, and texting, we were able to get the project off to a good start. The client was more than willing to give me the dimensions needed as well as pictures of areas that had features we needed to be able to incorporate into the new design.

Before completing the final drawings, I made a trip to the job site to verify all of the information and make any necessary changes. I was able to provide the client with everything they needed and wanted because of technology. Compare the before and after floorplans to see.

We hope this provides you with a little understanding of how we can utilize technology to continue working on projects during these uncertain times. We are happy to announce that we are offering digital consultations that will follow a similar process as this project until our clients feel comfortable and confident having people into their homes. We’re just a phone call or email away from providing you with solutions to changes you may be considering.

Our contest chair has left the studio! We are excited to see what the chair looks like in its new owner, Tiffany Lyn's home!

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