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Monday, August 8, 2022

Wallpaper is Back!

Does anyone else cringe at the mention of wallpaper? Is that because you have horror stories about removing decade old wallpaper? Well, I am here to assure you that todays wallpaper is nothing like the wallpaper that your grandparents would install.

As with many industries, the wallpaper industry has evolved not only the product, but the installation procures as well. The biggest difference between today’s wallpaper and that of your grandparents is the gluing process. In today’s world, the walls are properly prepped before any glue or wallpaper are installed. By properly prepping the walls, it makes it easier to remove the wallpaper when you want something different.

The glue composition has also changed. It is no longer stronger than your will to keep removing the 4th layer of wallpaper that you discovered in your bathroom. The glue is only one factor that has changed. The quality of the paper has also improved. There are now vinyl wallpapers that not only meet fire codes, but also the test of a toddler. No amount of food thrown or crayon drawings can hurt this wallpaper. One can scrub and scrub without changing the appearance of the wallpaper.

Now, without the fear of losing your sanity, make a bold statement with wallpaper. Whether it is wallpapering the entire powder bathroom, just a wall in the bedroom or living room, or even on

the ceiling, the designers at PDI can help!

Home Sweet Home

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Now that school is almost back in session, it's time to start planning for after school snacks for the kiddos. This recipe for Mexican Street Corn Salad makes for the perfect after-school snack!

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