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Monday, August 23, 2021

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Designer Spotlight | Bold Elegance Bathroom Remodel by Katrina

Bold Elegance | Katrina Christiancy | 2021

This bathroom may be beautiful, but didn’t come without its challenges. The main goal for this bathroom was to make it more spacious. However, due to limitations of not being able to move several walls, I had to become creative. One simple way to make the bathroom bigger was to move the door back and have the door swing into the bedroom. Doing so gave us some more square footage. The client also wanted to have a linen closet in the bathroom. In order not to take any more space away from the floor plan, we took room from the closet that was next to the bathroom to create the linen closet. I then designed a half-wall for the shower to accommodate  the plumbing codes and selected glass for the top portion of the wall to give the illusion that the bathroom is bigger. We selected lighter colors to also help with the illusion.

The main attraction is the tile in the shower. The client wanted something fun and different but still timeless. With this tile, the patterns were random and the glazing on the patterns also had a different pattern on top of that, giving it the unique aspect the client wanted. The colors of the tile are what gave the shower a timeless feeling. However, we still wanted to add some color to the room. We selected a dark blue vanity with gold accents to give it that pop of color. The client fell in love with the bold tile and the elegance of all of the other small details.

Home Sweet Home

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